Sparkline Auditor


Google Analytics is more than just JavaScript code on your website.

Google Analytics is a powerful tool with a wealth of features. But to fully utilize Google Analytics, you must ensure that the data you are collecting is complete and reliable enough to make decisions upon.

Sparkline Auditor can help you understand how well you have set up your Google Analytics tracking, identify any issues, help fix them and ensure you are following best practices.


How meaningful is your Google Analytics data?

You may be collecting data but are unable to make any firm decisions on it because you are not sure how clean or reliable the information is.

How important is good data?

Studies show that inaccurate data has a direct impact on the bottom-line of companies. The average company loses 12% of it’s revenue due to bad data.


Getting your hands dirty is the secret of success

Sparkline Tool analyses your Google Analytics setup by assessing the cleanliness of your data as well as your property and view settings.

Sparkline's Google Analytics tool runs more than 60 tests across 30 categories and gives an overall rating of your setup. If the tool finds any issues, it will provide detailed instructions on how to fix your problems.

Start now to optimize your Google Analytics setup and collect quality data that is meaningful to your business.